The Network Studio East

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Need An Agent?
We Can Help!

Are you looking to meet with
Agents & Casting Directors in New York?

If so, you've come to the right place!

The Network Studio East provides actors with an opportunity to meet with agents, managers & casting directors. If you feel your career REALLY needs to get to a higher level then we can help!!!

We're looking for actors with at least some training and/or experience that have done all they can on their own and now need to meet casting directors and agents to get themselves further in their career!

These workshops are for actors that are frustrated by doing mailings without any luck and just NEED THE CHANCE to get themselves in front of an agent or casting director!!!

This will give you a chance to learn about the business from the people IN the business...then, you have the chance to do a Q & A with them and get a chance to perform for headshot that they open can ever express your talent and personality!

Both Union/Non-Union Actors welcome! This business is far too difficult for you not to be proactive about your career

The format of most of our workshops is an introduction followed by a question and answer period with the casting director/agent followed by one on one time where the actor performs a prepared scene or monologue

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